Brush with the law..

August 14, 2007


A short siren blast went off as I made a turn entering the town proper of Carigara. I pulled over without turning off my engine and a burly uniformed man in a marked Honda XR stopped at my side. A quick survey at his garb revealed that he is an enlisted personnel of the PNP deputized by the LTO R8. Nanoseconds later, another one of his kind in the same set up and get up parked his big sportsbike at the back of both of us.

Less than sixty seconds had lapsed when I passed by these people with some others going about their business talking with the drivers of some of the vehicles they have flagged down at the junction of the highway and the diversion road going into the town proper of Carigara. I was following a small slow moving delivery van when I recognized them.

Having seen nobody flagging me down, I went on in the same pace and direction.

Just the sight of these two hefty gentlemen parked around me complete with all the badges and patches of authority, reminds of the Kuratong Baleleng rub-out/shoot-out and all those confrontation scenes I relish in the episodes of Imbestigador and XXX.

I can only imagine how these suspects shirk in their smallness especially when they are caught red-handed. But then somebody would not have coined the word ‘hardened’ for nothing.

I showed my driver’s license and the registration papers of my motorcycle. Next, I fished out the temporary plate I ordered in the city as replacement for the original one that got lost along the way, perhaps due to loosened screw.

Concluding everything was in order, with an aside that I should put on now the temp plate and secure authorization from Carigara LTO to use such plate, he motioned to return me my papers.

But before I was able to hold them, the second guy barked at Lejano (that was in the nameplate of the first guy) to charge me with Disregarding A Traffic Officer. My mind went ‘Whaaaaat!!!!

I could have argued my case, but changed my mind. A speaker during the seminar I attended when I add a restriction code to my license once said that as soon as your motor vehicle rolls out of the driveway, it already carry with it some violations. I’m afraid they might add Unprescribed Face of the Driver in the charge list in the Temporary Operator’s Permit (or the dreaded TOP).

Back at the office, I checked LTO’s website and discovered that that cost me at least P 650.00.

What a day!! And it’s only 9:00 AM.



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