a day in an ant’s life

February 20, 2008

90 kph on my trusty Yamaha crypton would not get me to the office for the 8:00am log-in. The higher Management issued a memo last week requiring even Branch Manager to comply with the log-in/log-out rule. Goodbye flexi-time.

I had set my cp the night before to wake me up at 5:30

in the morning. I think the answer to the call of the sixth basic need at midnight, and the three-day old flu, made it necessary to double the effort to get up when my Nokia 6020 (N95 Music Edition has not been delivered—my wish!!) got on under my pillow.

First on the list is request wifey to make me a steaming cup of the elixir of life—coffee, anyone? Hmmmn, the aroma just doesn’t fail to wake me up

Off with a pail, I went down to fetch water for bathing. Mayor Nonoy’s 30-M water system project, long overdue but seen to swing Poblacion’s vote in their in this year’s midterm election, is not yet fully operational. Our faucet would have you waiting till dawn before it fills up a five-gallon container. Someone said World War III would erupt because of water. Good thing I have a jetmatic water pump right in my backyard, my personal project after I was elected to the barangay council in 2002.

School-age kids from the neighborhood, regular fixtures on weekdays at the water pump now that classes has started (weekend will be for the ‘nanays’ with their laundry), offered to fill up my pail. It took 22 strokes to fill it up, I counted. It must have been a good way to warm up to the morning chill before the first drops of water touch your body in bathing. But, the kids insisted.

Seven trips from the pump to the bathroom, interjected with quick sip of the coffee, and I have enough for me, and the kids later.

Next came the ukay-ukay time at the closet. (Where is that manual of the 5S?) I prepared two sets of office wear. Thursday uniform is just unbearable in the summer heat, so it’s out of the question. I settled for the reliable modern-cut dark moss green short-sleeved polo matched with brown slack pants (Just how many times have I worn this pair?? I have to shop tomorrow, pronto.—not too fast, he he, 50% of the 13th month pay is not yet released. PAR is neck-high. Whew!) for today. For tomorrow, it would be curdoruy pants and my CU-TE t-shirt, both more than two-year olds. Sigh!!

Wifey did the ironing while I bathe. The kiddies are still fast asleep. In the morning rush, I just miss Chelou—she’s the househelp, what’s on your mind? Five days ago, she went home without saying good bye, the second time she’s done this. The wanderlust youth in her absolves her of her irresponsibility.

After dressing up, my appetite was not on the veggie lumpia we had the night before. Some are in the fridge ready for frying. A few minutes drive saw me at the market to score some breakfast fare with soup. Chicken curry, pork humba, and free beef soup for the kiddo, would be a-okay. To manage time, a quick side trip for gas, complete the journey.

Lingering meal with wifey is a luxury when you have kids. But thanks to Tatay Pule, Chaden has his morning walk outside.

Driving right after a meal causes more gastric acid in the stomach, that’s just a guess more than an expert opinion, actually. And so with ‘ulipon sa gugmang giatay’ blaring in my Sony MP4 earphones, I traversed this route I’ve been taking since January this year, after the latest re-shuffling took effect.

Ricky, the guard, broke into an enigmatic grin when he saw me. You’re late again, sir, he must have said to himself.

After I have checked the results of the transactions the day before, the teller told me to deposit a 1.3-M check to Tacloban


. that’s why I’m here in OCCCI Tacloban Branch.

Actually, I’m tired of typing already. And I still have to make myself a cup of coffee.

Does the title fit? hehehe


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