March 4, 2008

Reprinted from Roy Ayres’ “Against the Wind”:
“The Iron Butt is an endurance rally, and it’s about getting on the machine and staying on for eleven days. The riders see a good portion of the contiguous U.S. They see it in the ever-brightening dawn of day, the blazing afternoon sunshine, the golden haze of sunset, and the cold darkness of night. They experience the Rocky Mountains, and turn up their electric gear as temperatures drop. They experience the reds and browns of the southwestern desert and survive 115-degree temperatures as blasts of hot air envelopes their leather or gore-Tex-clad bodies. They sip fluids from tubes from packs on their backs in an attempt to stay hydrated and to keep their attention on their ever-changing environment. They wipe face shields clear of driving rain and brace themselves against persistent winds as they ride the fringes of hurricanes threatening to alter their course to the next checkpoint. What is the mystique that surrounds the Iron Butt Rally??”

indeed, what is it about riding motorcycle for long distances? 11,000 miles in eleven days!!

i’ve been reading about ironbutt rally since 2004. these are crazy people, and i mean it in a good way. they ride hard, but more importantly, they must ride smart.

check their web site. happy reading, and enjoy the ride.


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